Tweeten 5 launch introduces native Windows on ARM support


Tweeten is widely loved by thousands of Windows users, and today I am thrilled to take that relationship a step further with the launch of Tweeten 5.

With the latest release of Tweeten, I am super excited to announce native support for
Windows on ARM64 devices like Microsoft Surface Pro X, Lenovo Yoga 5G, and Samsung
Galaxy Book S. Thanks to the ARM64 support on Tweeten, users will be able to enjoy the
power of the app on next-generation Windows devices while on the go, taking advantage
of cutting-edge features like built-in 4G LTE and 5G connectivity.

Tweeten on ARM64 was made possible through the close collaboration with engineers
from Qualcomm and ARM, and I would like to personally thank the team for their support.
Tweeten 5 will be available directly for download from the Microsoft Store, receiving
seamless updates on ARM64 devices, just like the x64 app. A downloadable executable
with ARM64 support is planned for release on the Tweeten website later this year, for
users who would rather rely on Tweeten’s robust update infrastructure.

Tweeten 5 also introduces a couple of exciting new features. The GIF and video download
features have been improved to be more reliable, along with the ability to show the
downloaded GIF/video on your file manager. Additionally, users can now choose a default
download path from the app settings within Tweeten 5.

Tweeten 5 now enables a more seamless method of restoring default settings within the
app while staying logged in, improving the experience of personalizing and customising
the user interface.

Tweeten 5 marks the beginning of exciting new changes in 2020 for Tweeten. In the
coming months, I plan to introduce a new interface that takes the Tweeten design you
already know and love to the next level — bringing a much cleaner, modernized design.
And Linux users, stay tuned 😉

Note: Tweeten 5 is not available for Mac users at the moment, but I will be releasing the update for macOS users as soon as possible.