A brand new Tweeten


Today is a big day for Tweeten. After more than 800 commits and hours of debugging, I’m really excited to announce the release of a brand new Tweeten. You can get the new Tweeten from our brand new website at tweetenapp.com, where you can also get a quick overview of all of the features in the new Tweeten.

The new Tweeten offers an intuitive and powerful Twitter experience on Windows and Mac. The app has been completely rewritten from the ground up, which means it is faster, more stable, and prettier than the original Tweeten. There’s a ton of improvements in the new Tweeten that makes sure your tweeting experience doesn’t get disrupted, ever. The new Tweeten is more than 50% lighter than the original Tweeten on Windows, and it takes around 20 seconds to install on a new machine.

Now that we have all the technical improvements out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff. Here’s a quick list of new things:

  • Completely re-written from the ground-up: the new Tweeten is faster, lighter, and prettier.
  • The new Tweeten is 50% lighter than the original Tweeten on Windows and takes less than 20 seconds to install on a new machine
  • A significantly improved interface that offers a gorgeous tweeting experience
  • A built-in emoji picker
  • New privacy features: you can now hide DMs on the Direct Messages column
  • Lots of new settings
  • Filters
  • GIF Zoom lets you get all the details on a GIF without hurting your eyeballs
  • You can now automatically pause GIFs in columns
  • You no longer need to update Tweeten by manually downloading a new file for every update
  • Our new hotfix system lets us deliver quick fixes rapidly
  • You can now paste images from your clipboard to upload
  • Custom CSS support
  • Touch Bar integration on Mac

Here’s a detailed breakdown:

An improved interface

We’ve completely re-designed Tweeten. Everything is still the same, but they have been refined to offer a gorgeous tweeting experience. The new design means Tweeten looks absolutely incredible for light theme users, and if you’ve been a fan of our dark theme, the new Tweeten will make you like it even more.

A built-in emoji picker

Our 🆕 and 🔥 emoji picker lets you tweet the perfect emoji at the right time. From the 🤷 emoji to the 💯 emoji, all the emojis you 😍 are right here.


Tweeten now lets you filter any word, phrase, or app you want. Don’t like politics? Or sports? You can now mute any hashtag, account, or an entire app on Tweeten:

For the GIF lovers

The new Tweeten is pretty much made for GIF lovers. We’re innovating a new GIF Zoom feature which lets you get a much better view for GIFs. It’s extremely hard to get all the details in a GIF on Twitter, but the new GIF Zoom feature built into Tweeten lets you get all the details without hurting your eyeballs.

There’s also a new Download GIF feature which lets you download GIFs on tweets while you do other things on Tweeten and the new option to automatically pause GIFs will make it much easier for you to focus on your work. We’re also working on a new GIF Search feature, which will be coming later this Summer.

Seamless Updates

The new Tweeten is powered by a new system for the auto updates that you all have been asking for. The new update system built into Tweeten no longer requires you to download the new version of the app manually — instead, everything happens automagically. By default, Tweeten will automatically start downloading a new update, and it’ll notify you as soon as it’s ready to be installed. And once you proceed with the install, it’ll take a mere 10 seconds to install the new update so that you can go back to tweeting. Yep, it’s that fast.

We’ve also implemented a new hotfix system into Tweeten which will let us automagically push fixes for new changes/issues from Twitter. This doesn’t require you to install any new update, which means everything just happens in the background without you even knowing about it.

Customizations, customizations, customizations

The brand new version of Tweeten is full of customization options. The new Settings experience in Tweeten makes it much easier to control all of these new customization options, too. Tweeten now lets you control things like the font size, show verified badges for users, show thinner scrollbars, and go back to the classic square profile pictures if you aren’t a big fan of all the rounded elements on the new Twitter.

Clipboard Image Upload

You can finally upload images to your tweet from your clipboard on the new Tweeten. The feature works for DMs, too. Go ahead and try it out with Ctrl + V or CMD + V if you are on Mac.

Custom CSS

For the power users, Tweeten now lets you use custom CSS to make the app look and work exactly the way you want. All you need to do is enable the developer features from our new settings experience, and you’ll be good to go. Tweeten also now lets you backup your settings, which means you can backup your custom CSS before moving to a new computer without losing all the custom CSS you’ve written.

Touch Bar Integration

Tweeten integrates into the macOS’ Touch Bar, letting you access the most important shortcuts on Tweeten right from the touch bar of your MacBook Pro whenever you need them.


So there you have it. The new Tweeten is miles better than the original Tweeten. It includes lots and lots of minor improvements that you will likely notice as you start using the new Tweeten. I have some exciting things planned for the future of Tweeten, and I’m looking forward to releasing those in the coming months.

The new Tweeten is available right now for Windows and Mac here. A new update to our Windows Store app will be available later today. And the Chrome extension will be available later this year.

Note: Tweeten no longer supports 32-bit Windows machines.